The last year has flown past, we have just celebrated Benjamin’s 1st birthday and it feels like it was only yesterday he was born.


It got me thinking and about how time is really precious and how it goes past so fast and will never come back. I wonder what it feels like for Benjamin, he knows no different and as Steve Hawkins discusses in his book, the Briefer History of Time, time is relative. So for Benjamin a month is a twelfth of his life, where a month to a 10 year old is 1/120, a 20 year old 1/240 a 40 year old 1/480.


So the summer holidays did seem to last for every, Bryan Adams. Time with our loved ones is precious, often too short or there is just so much to do and not enough time.


We should never worry about the things we cannot control, time is one of these. But can we change or bend time?


Here are 4 tips I use everyday to give me more time.


How to get more time tip


1 – Reduce the amount of sleep you have


Looking at our daily clock we spend about a third of our day in bed asleep. Sleep takes up a lot of time, Malcolm Gladwell mentions in his book Tipping Point it take 10,000 hours of practice to become and expert, well I have far exceeded expert status.


However the practice must be quality and not just ‘putting in the hours’. Sleep is the same, quality counts, so 8 hours is good if it is what you need but try to slowly reduce it down.


I use an app called Sleep Cycle to move my get up time from 620am to 520am, I did this 10 minutes at a time over a period of days. I now get to work earlier beating the traffic and get home early too


2 -Wake up at the right time for your body


If you wake up tired then it will effect your full day, so you need to be woken up at the right time. This is during your light sleep, as you are almost awake. If you wake up during a deep sleep you will be groggy and tired still. Your sleep goes through these patterns throughout the night. You will not know which part of the pattern you are at because you are asleep, but the Sleep Cycle app does this.


My alarm is set for 5:20 am, whilst I am asleep it monitors my sleep patterns and will wake me during my lightest sleep anywhere from 4:50 am to 5:20 am.


3 – Keep your body hydrated


You have had good quality sleep, woken up at the right time and now you must rehydrate. Your body has gone several hours without water, and when you wake up you usually lose more when get up to to pee.


Our bodies are about 65% water, a new born babies is even higher versus an obese person who is about 45%. Think of your body as a very complex and clever plumbing system, we need to keep our water levels topped up to make sure everything flows through it with ease. Without it the liquid in our plumbing is thicker, and takes more pumping around. The plumbing system uses the water to move things around our body such as food and toxins. So food in for energy and toxins out to make us feel better. If it is hard to do these things then our bodies must work harder to process them.


Keeping our body well hydrated oils our inner workings and the energy flow. Get our FREE Hydration Guide Here


4 – Eat for energy


You need energy to live, when your energy levels are low it takes forever to do anything, any task is so hard, when your energy levels are good you can just blast through things. But you do not want your energy levels bouncing up and down like Tigger. It is not good to have highs and lows, it can cause chemical reactions in your body which then take energy and can take time to sort out, and we want more time.


We get our energy from what we eat and drink. Eating for energy is possible and I don't mean your plate of pasta as recommended before running a marathon. Fruit? nope, just mother nature's sweet shop, full of fructose,which is fruit sugars. Low fat diet food? Definitely not! avoid these at all costs, the fat is often replaced with sugar.


Fat is your friend, well good fats such as butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and similar.


You can eat for energy, we do and have much more sustainable energy which means we can do more of the things we love. Oh and in case you are wondering about eating lots of fat and getting fatter well I have also lost weight! Over a stone so far. We have more information on it here.


Time is precious especially with our loved ones, so hopefully these tips can help you like they have us. We would love to know if you try any of them.


Take care




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