Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?

Do you read a lot? As a kid I didn't read much, I just couldn't get into story books, I have you read 50 shades of greyreadthe Adrian Mole books and may be one or two other. I mainly liked magazines back then on bodybuilding, diet and health, which got me into reading books on similar topics. I have been reading and scanning the internet for information on diet and exercise for nearly thirty years.

Using an e-reader has helped, I think they're a great thing, you can have lots of books with you and no one knows what you are reading.

They reckon due to them there has been an increase in people buying more raunchy titles, Lady Chatterley's Lover and of course the book everyone in the world has read 50 Shades of Grey.

I remember sitting on a train back from London, reading away. I like to have a nose, or as Gem calls it surveillance. I noticed a lady engrossed in her e-reader biting her lip, yep I knew what she was reading, 50 Shades!

How did I know, I could not see a cover of a book, I was too far away to see the words on her screen, she was not reading out loud, so how?….

Isn't it amazing how a book can change someone's life, the author must never have thought these three books would have gone viral and then made into a movie.

Reading them can help you too. I believe in lifelong learning, there is always something even the smallest thing you can pick up, it doesn't need to be from a book these days, there is lots of information available to you.

For example I have favourite websites I follow, I use an app called Flippboard to put them nicely into one place, it looks and virtually feels like a digital magazine.

Listening to podcasts is something I have started doing everyday on the drive to and from work. I must admit I got a bit bored of the radio and with the podcasts I can pick and choose what I want to listen too.

Tedtalks if you are more of a video person are presentations about 18 minutes long, there are lots of subjects available from many different key people.

Kindle has made reading easier, I like to make the text bigger so I can skim the pages easily, if I see a book I like the look of I just add it to my wish list or try a free sample. You can highlight text and do a search. They are often cheaper and delivered instantly.

The first kindle book I read was by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour Working Week, great book would really recommend it and his podcast, Gem calls him my god, story for another day! I read it on an IPod touch, such a small screen.

I don't watch much TV now as I fill my time with listening, reading or just talking, I just find them more interesting than watching the soaps, plus I hate even the theme tune to Coronation Street, under depressing sound in the dictionary it says listen to the Coronation theme tune.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of get up go to work come home have tea watch some TV go to bed get up and start again. I know it is because I have been there.

So much time wasted and I am determined never to be like that again. I want to Love the Life I Live, which at times does involve watching some TV, I like cooking programmes, any good recipes?

Christian Gray did not love the life he was living and luckily he got whisked away to a better life, those who have read the books or now seen the movie will know how he dealt with it. Now you don't have to deal with in the same way.

You can make a start today, by reading this I know you want to do it so what can you do.

Are you up for a challenge?

I call it the Zen Ten – I want you to do two minutes of the following everyday for one week, not that easy though when you have done it you must post the following comment on the Facebook post. I've done my Zen Ten Glen.

Are you up for it, it's only two minutes.

Stand up – more on why later, close your eyes and focus on your breathing

Take a deep breath in to the count of three and hold for the count of two then breath out slowly through your teeth for the count of seven.

In one two three and hold one two and out one two three four five six seven

Do this ten times, the zen ten.

Now comment on this Facebook post ‘I've done my zen ten Glen'

Or Tweet [Tweet “I've done my #zenten Glen”]

At the end of the week tell us how you feel.




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