8 things to stop doing to have more time, be more productive and happy.

Everyone has a list of things to do, whether it be at work or at home. You are used to trying to squeeze as much in as possible or organising your life.

But how many people have a stop doing list?

You can bet not many people have created a stop doing list on their to do list :~

Life is so hectic trying to fit as much in to 24 hours every day, juggling one thing to the next, having a list seems to make it easier or puts some control on it.

So why have a stop doing list? Time is precious, once it has gone you will never get it back, so instead of trying to prioritise what you need to do using a to do list, take the first bold step of deciding whether you actually need to do it.

To Do List Stop Doing List Go to the gym *Stop eating cake

Here are some tips on what to add to your stop doing list to free up more time to do the things you want and deserve to be doing.

1. Stop worrying about what other people think of you

Worrying about what others think wastes a lot of your energy and time. The top and bottom of it is, it does not matter. However it is easier said than done isn’t it, but it is worth the effort.

Let’s put it a different way, what would you rather spend the time and energy on? worrying about what someone thinks or spending time with your loved ones, the people who love you for the amazing person you are. You guessed it, your loved ones.

Those who talk behind your back are just not worth the time of day or even the wasted time worrying.

2. Stop watching TV or using the internet before bed

Having a good nights sleep is really important to have energy to spend the day ahead being positive and amazing. It is a struggle to have great adventures when you are yawning all the time. When you consider it sleep is a massive part of your life almost a third of it, unless you are a student then it’s more like half.

Having a stimulant like TV or the internet (including your phone) before you go to bed keeps your brain turned on and active. At this time you want to be calming your brain down and getting ready for sleep.

If you do want to do something have a read of some fiction, and let your mind drift away.

What is more important watching a TV series or having a great adventure the next day?

Adventure please!

3. Stop staying up late

This is linked to the point above, remember your great adventure the next day or even being more productive at work. If you are tired and your energy is low everything seems like it’s hard work, so let’s stop making it hard work by going to bed at a reasonable time.

You don’t have to be a party pooper but think ahead, sleep is about quality not quantity but if you stay up too late then your body has a second wind clock which will kick in and keep you awake longer.

Set a time limit and stick to it, and most of the time make it no later than 11pm.

4. Stop drinking caffeine at 2pm

A theme building here, but again this is linked to the two above, you sleep one third of your life so you need a long list of things to stop doing.

So sleep is one third of your life but it helps make the other two thirds great. Caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake, it takes about 8 hours for it to work its way out of your body. Any later and it will keep you awake beyond your 11pm curfew.

If you want a good workout you need a good night’s sleep, so no caffeine after 2pm if you are going to sleep at 11pm.

5. Stop wasting money on take aways or eating out

‘Money makes the world go around’, so the saying goes but it also pays the bills and puts food in the cupboards. The food industry put a mark up on the product/service, this money is much better off in your pocket.

You might be saving for something you want or dreaming of a holiday, instead of spending on eating out put that money into a savings account. You will get to that special thing much faster, plus you will feel much better too, cooking your own food helps you to control the quality of what you eat. So if you are saving for a holiday it will also help you with your beach body.

6. Stop complaining and take action

Rocky Balboa summed this up much better than me, so here he is:

7. Stop checking social media every half hour

Stop being so nosey, instead of reading other people’s news go out and create your own. You are really exciting, celebrate it on social media and do not worry what other people say or think or even the number of likes you get because who cares? You don’t because you have already implemented number 1 on the Stop Doing List!.

Social media can be a fun way to keep up with friends who you only see every now and then, or they live the other side of the world or even mars (trying to future proof this post). But do not let it run or take over your life.

Remember, time is precious what would you rather spend your time doing, playing with your kids, your kitten or out have fun or hunched over your phone scrolling through twitter?

8. Stop worrying about tomorrow

Enjoy the moment, give it your all, whether it be listening to a friend who needs your help, dancing like it is your last ever dance or hugging like it is the first time you have seen the person for many years.

Be in the moment because tomorrow it will be history but what great history you will have created. You can embrace tomorrow when it arrives.

Being busy in the moment now means you will not have time to worry about tomorrow or what other people think. Just repeat today again tomorrow and again and again and you will never ever need to worry about tomorrow.

Here are 8 things you can focus on to stop doing today, improve your life and make your 24 hour day feel longer and more productive!


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