Sausages, Sausages, Sausages.

I think sausages are quite underrated in the meat world and so, in celebration of the British banger, I would like to share my thoughts about the tasty versatile cylinder meat treat with you.


When you think about it there's not a lot you can't do with a sausage, whack it on the BBQ, sandwich it in a bun, bury it in Yorkshire pudding mix, spear it on a cocktail stick, batter it with chips, roll it in pastry, serve with mash or beans. You can eat it at anytime of the day, for breakfast, dinner, tea or even as a snack.


I like sausages because I don't really like meat…well there's a contradiction for you! What I mean is I don't like my food to look like an animal! I'll happily eat chicken, mince, sausages……well to be honest I'll pretty much eat most meat as long as it doesn't resemble what it was before it landed on my plate! I wouldn't thank you for anything that you have to dissect or gnaw off a bone and I really wouldn't appreciate a fillet or sirloin of cow plonked on my plate.


I find the sausage to be quite a humble food, it doesn't boast about what it once was, it just sizzles away merrily singing its simple sausage song.


And just look at how many varieties there are! Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Walls! You can mix all manner of herbs and spices in with your sausage meat; apple, chilli, tomato, leek. The sausage possibilities really are endless!


So in celebration of the humble sausage we visited Blagdon farm shop, to sample some meat treats from the butchers who won the North East 2013 National sausage week with their Blagdon Birthday Banger!


sausage test


We were spoilt for choice but we chose the Blagdon Birthday Banger, The Blagdon Special, a black pudding sausage, and a spring onion and ginger sausage to put to the taste test!




Glen was blindfolded (well he had an oversized hat over his eyes) whilst he sampled our sausage selection to see which was the most bangerlicious!



And the results of the taste test accompanied by a beverage that might suit each are as follows……(dun dun duuuuuun!)



In fourth place:

The spring onion and ginger sausage.

‘A hint of ginger comes through, an ideal sausage if you do not like a too meaty tasting banger. Might need more ginger to balance against the pork.

Accompanying beverage – a chilled white wine.


In third place:

The Blagdon Special.

(Which Glen actually thought was the spring onion and ginger)

‘Meaty sausage with a hint of herbs. I initially thought this was the ginger sausage but was obviously wrong. It must have some sort of herb or onion included and a hint of pepper coming through at the end. Possibly too much pepper.'

Accompanying beverage – Lager.



In second place:

The black pudding sausage.

‘A combination of black pudding and meat, a moist sausage as black pudding on its own can be a bit dry. A good combination of meat and pudding gives it a balanced flavour.'

Accompanying beverage – A Cuppa; breakfast tea.



And in first place…..our winner and also winner or 2013 sausage week:

The Blagdon Birthday banger!

‘A good solid taste, meaty moist and full of simple flavours. It tasted as if I was eating gravy built in to the sausage with a hint of stuffing.'

Accompanying beverage – Nice local beer.


We then bunged the remainder of the bangers in a giant Yorkshire Pud, topped with some onion gravy and scoffed the lot!


Happy national Sausage week to us!



We thoroughly recommend a visit to Blagdon Farm Shop If you are out and about in Northumberland, we had enjoyed a day trip to Northumberlandia on this occasion. See our adventures in Northumberland for suggestions of places to visit!


Here are six sizzling sausage facts to tickle your taste buds!


  1. During the second world war, sausages became lovingly know as bangers , this was because they were filled out with water to replace rationed ingredients and often exploded as the water turned to steam!


  1. It was once a sin to eat a sausage! In 320AD they were banned due to their association with pagan festivals!


  1. There is a north/south (hard/soft? :-p) divide when it comes to texture! Northerners prefer coarsely ground sausages whereas Southerners prefer a smoother sausage!


  1. There are that many different recipes and flavours, you could eat a different Sausage everyday for ten years!


  1. The rich and famous are fans of the humble sausage too! Elizabeth Taylor loved a good old banger! She said “They are so delicious and so easy to prepare. When I come to London there is always one thing on my mind – a plateful of bangers and mash”!


  1. The biggest Cumberland sausage ring weighed a whopping 135 kilograms and measured 3.3meters in diameter! A Guinness world record was given to Pig farmer Gary McClure for it in 1575!





I would like to end this blog by thanking the humble sausage, for all that you have been, for all that you are, and for all that you will be! and may you continue to bring joy to banger lovers forever more.


Do you have a favourite type of sausage? We'd love you to share your love of the british banger with us!


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