Didn't we have a lovely day the day we went to Buttermere

This time last year we headed to Buttermere in the Lake District for valentine's weekend. The weather was amazing, we found a little parky spot overlooking the lake. We stayed here over night and had breakfast sitting at the back of campy with the doors open with this amazing view.

Our plan was to head to the top of Haystacks, and on such a beautiful day we were in for a treat.

The sky was clear and Gem surveyed the area. I love it when you can see snow on the tops of the mountains. There was now only a dusting of snow left but the contrast it makes in the scenery is breath taking.

We picked an awesome spot for lunch looking down towards Buttermere, you can see why Alfred Wainwright loved this walk, he rests here for ever more. The walk leads to hidden tarns, partly frozen over at this time of the year and far too cold for a swim. I can imagine summer days up here taking a dip to cool off.

The picture looks like a hidden land, some private place where adventurers must venture to see it. I must say it is worth the climb.

This is not the only tarn on this walk which now flattens out a little but the landscape remains breath taking.

I could never grow tired of the Lake District it has so much to see, we even had time to play find the house in the quarry, can you see it?

The sun was still out but we still had some walking to do to get back to campy. Once we got to the other side of the quarry the path was a bit wet under foot. But we soon reached the point to climb down, and it was a steep climb down. Gemma gives the contrast to a person at the top, we just came down from there. This was just as well as the sun was on its way down, oh and the pub was down there too!

We reached the bottom just as the sun was starting the hide behind the mountain top, the last rays of lights shining towards us, as it had done all day, following us from breakfast to pub time. What a special day, the stunning views, the weather and my beautiful adventurer companion with me. Oh and we had a pub tea too and couple of local beers (you should always try the local beer and food!) at The Fish Inn


What a place for breakfast
What a place for breakfast

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Welcome to Buttermere
Welcome to Buttermere

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