I LOVE pizza, it’s my absolute first choice of comfort food, the gooey cheese, the tasty toppings…. Cue dribble! But most takeaway pizzas also come with added nasties; msg, sugar and of course gluten leaving you feeling bloated, uncomfortable and tired; these can also cause headaches, irritability and problems such as IBS.

I've made a few healthy alternatives with home made bases using wholemeal flour which were a success but we wanted a gluten free option.

I trawled the web and came across a recipe for a pizza base made of….. Wait for it…. Drum roll please …….. Diddle dee diddle dee dee………. Cauliflower! Yep! a pizza made of cauliflower.

Now you've probably already turned up your nose raised your eyebrows and perhaps done a little sick in your mouth at the thought of this but bear with me! I promise you I wouldn't share any recipes that I didn't enjoy myself!

We've known about the awesome diversity that a cauliflower can bring for a while now and have used it to make cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash and replace layers of pasta in Lasagne so I was quite comfortable to try it in pizza base form!

Even more so when I found pre made Cauliflower rice for just one english pound in ASDA.

One step less in creating a dish is always a winner for me, I'm all about taking the easy option if I can save time!

So I've played around with the recipe a bit and created a few varieties of toppings and now I can share with you everything you need for your healthy alternative to your Friday night takeaway!

Here's what you need

For the base

400g bag Cauliflower Rice (click here to see it at ASDA ) or buy a cauliflower and grate it
100g ground almonds
2 eggs
1 tbsp mixed italian herbs (or your favourite herbs)
few pinches chilli powder (leave out if you don't like a spicy kick)

For the tomato sauce

1 can chopped tomato
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1tbsp basil (or your favorite herb)

For the topping

2 mozzarella balls sliced
25g parmesan
1 red onion
Half a bunch of basil
Few pinches chilli flakes

And then toppings of your choice

-Bacon and pineapple
-Chicken sweetcorn and pepper
-Spicy beef
-Whatever you have in the fridge that needs eating

And here's how you make it

The base

Grate cauliflower or buy a bag of cauliflower rice
Fry until soft with a tiny bit of olive oil
Plop it on a tea towel and ring it out to get rid of as much moisture as possible
Mix cauliflower rice with egg, almonds and herbs and spice
Plop on greased parchment paper and spread out to pizza size (tip: I put the parchment paper on a pizza baking tray and spread it out on top
Bake 180c 15-18mins till golden brown and starting to crisp
Take out to cool a little and turn oven up to 220c

The sauce

Whizz toms, puree, garlic and seasoning with hand held whisk, simmer in pan for 8-10 mins

The topping

Spread sauce on base
Add parmesan
Add onion and toppings with mozzarella on top then chilli flakes

Cook at 220c for 10-12 mins

Add parmesan and basil to serve


I can't promise you that it will taste like your usual Domino's but I hope it will hit the spot and curb your junk food cravings.

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Let me know if you come up with any delicious topping combinations! I'd love to hear from you

Much Love
Gem x


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