Eating; It's pure and simple, we're keeping it real and keeping it clean.


When I talk about eating clean it often evokes images of fruit and vegetables having a soak in the tub before putting on their finery for a dinner party. I imagine apples in cocktail dresses, lace and pearls all having a jolly good old chinwag around the fruit bowl eyeing up the bananas in their bow ties, clean shaven and smelling good enough to eat…..


….. But as none of that actually has anything to do with clean eating we shall move swiftly on, get back to basics and simply explain what clean eating and real food is all about.


So, what does clean eating actually involve? And what foods are really clean?


Clean eating is not about washing your fruit and veg before using it, nor is it about washing your hands and putting on your finery for dinner. It's basically eating food in its natural form which has not had anything artificial added to it.


It's basically eating foods that you can catch, hunt, grow or collect (meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit) nothing has anything added to it and nothing is modified, everything you eat is natural and unprocessed (although technically all foods become processed once cooked but we won't get into that just yet).


It's eating food that our hunter gatherer ancestors did many moons ago, now i'm not suggesting you need to go hunt your own meat or gather your own fruit and berries (although it's great if you can) but the closer you can get to the original source of what you eat the better.


The truth is we need food to survive, we need to eat, the problem is that many of us are eating food with little nutritional value, packed full of additives, preservatives and flavourings which instead of providing us with what we need to survive are actually making us ill.


Supermarket aisles are packed full of ready made, convenient, quick and easy foods filled with ingredients to make them last longer, taste better and cook more quickly, however, little of what is in these foods provides your body with the fuel it needs to function and many of them cause unpleasant side effects.


The recommendations of what is good for you and what is not are constantly changing and there are so many different diet plans available that eating really has been made much more complicated than it needs to be.


The pace of life, technological advances and means of socialising have also evolved all having an impact on the types of food available to us.


Now of course we have to move with the times, it’s not practical to go hunt a cow every time you need to eat. It might not always be possible to eat clean when visiting friends, out for dinner or at a party. There probably will be times when temptation overpowers you and you find yourself reaching  for the take away menu or eating the kids easter eggs.


Personally I think this is ok, I don't think you can go wrong with a balanced diet of  real food the majority of the time and allowing yourself a blow out occasionally.


Food has been made complicated by the amount of choice, take bread for example, this has been a basic staple food for at least the last 10,000 years but now it's far from basic with aisles full of choice, all with added extras.


I remember returning to the UK after 3 months travelling around Asia where shops sold basic supplies, the first time I went to Tesco I felt overwhelmed and uncomfortable at the amount of food choices available, it seemed so completely complicated and unnecessary to have an aisle full of bread.


The thing is, eating doesn't need to be complicated, it doesn't need to be hard and it's really not. Quite simply food is our fuel, it gives us energy to function and keep our body working efficiently, so it makes sense that the better the fuel the better you will work.


Clean eating, real eating, healthy eating whatever you want to call it is not a diet, it’s not just about losing weight, it's about giving your body what it needs to work efficiently and not giving it things that slow it down and make you feel ill, it’s a lifestyle change not a quick fix or a fad diet.


Non clean foods contain additives and preservatives that cause bloating, tiredness, headaches, brain fog, dehydration, a lack of concentration and are also linked to more serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, arthritis and obesity. 

By eating clean you will lose weight, you will have more energy and you will feel and look better.


Now you might be thinking clean eating sounds boring and tasteless but there are loads of delicious recipes to try, you don't just need to eat your bog standard  meat and 2 veg everyday.


When we first started eating clean Glen came home from work at the end of the first week to the smell of cauliflower and I actually saw his face drop! He was gutted at the thought of eating steamed veg again, until I told him i was making cauliflower and bacon mash, he loved it, the texture and taste is totally different, it's creamy just like mashed potato and the bacon adds a wonderful flavour. Now we enjoy many different ways of eating meat and vegetables, there are loads of other clean variations of traditional favourites such as courgetti bolognese, sweet potato shepherd's pie, cauliflower rice, tandoori fajitas, sweet potato chips and cabbage enchiladas to name a few.


You might also be wondering how you will get by without sweet treats, well great news, you don’t have to! We make our own clean chocolate cake, fruit muffins, flapjack, cereal bars, fudge, brownies and ice cream plus loads more!


We are currently creating a clean eating recipe book, which we will be giving away for free so watch this space! (or join our mailing list on our website to be notified when it's ready)


In the meantime you can find some of our clean eating recipes on our website


In next weeks blog I will be delving further into the added extras lurking in your food. What they are, why they are there and how they may be making you ill, until then have fun keeping it clean, look after your body and your body will look after you.


Leave us a comment if there's anything you'd like to add, we'd love to hear your thoughts too.


Take Care,

Gem x



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