How I Lost 40lbs Without Going Hungry

No Calorie Counting - Six Weeks of Meal Plans - No Exercise

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  • The Knowledge

    ‘With great knowledge comes great power!' We build up your knowledge so you understand why we gain fat, what is going on in our bodies and the key building blocks. Once you have the knowledge it is easier to keep the weight off. Trust me we know

  • The System

    The Fat Burning Machine is a system, here we have the blueprint of steps to take, and smaller bear steps build up to make sure you succeed.

  • Action

    You will achieve your dream by taking action. We know you will lose weight, look great and feel amazing if you follow our action steps and we have you covered with: Six Weeks of Meal Plans, a Recipe Book, our What to Eat guide plus more.

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What Makes This Plan Different To All The Others?

  • You Don't Count Calories

    Other diets have you counting calories, you are required to weigh food, count portions and keep track of how much you have eaten, it can get very complicated and time consuming. In the Fat Burning Machine we will show you why we do not count calories.

  • No Exercise Required

    You read it right no exercise required! Weight loss is 80% diet so how, what and when we eat is key! In the Fat Burning Machine we will show you what to eat and when, and most importantly why.

  • You Don't Go Hungry

    The Fat Burning Machine unlike other diets is not a starve yourself thin! In fact it is possible you will not eat enough! But don't worry we have a plan to make sure you do.

  • You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

    By turning your body into a Fat Burning Machine you will lose weight, but keep it off. So this is no fad diet were you will yo yo up and down.

box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I've had a brilliant first week and even lost a massive 7lbs and I do feel amazing already.  My mood has totally uplifted, I have more energy, I don't feel tired and sluggish all the time and I am not bloated or having stomach cramps. My skin is so much softer and not dry like it used to be and my eczema has cleared up and my nails are in better condition.

In the past I haven't maintained a healthy eating regime long term as I have been constantly starving and thinking about my next meal and now I realise I was eating too little and too afraid of eating more to fill me as it's drummed into you to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise.  About 6months ago I started going spinning and walking loads but my weight was always staying the same and that's because I wasn't eating correctly

- G. Waddington

box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Our Story to Less Fat, More Energy and Feeling Amazing

Hi the above is right, there is no typo. You see like you I wanted to lose some weight, not gain a six pack but be healthy and happy plus a few pounds lighter to make playing with my young children easier.

As a family our eating was already okay, with probably a few too many naughty treats on a weekend. You know what it is like.

After doing lots of reading and trying different diets to find the most effective this is the Fat Burning Machine eating plan to more energy, less weight and feeling amazing.

People started to say to us wow you look amazing, what have you been doing so we didn't want to keep it a secret we want you to be told wow you look amazing. And at the same time feel great, have more energy to play with your kids, enjoy sport, going dancing or whatever you want to do.

So turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine today the only thing you have to lose is weight as we offer a 30 day guarantee we know when you follow the plan you will lose weight.

Take care


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box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Legal Disclaimer: You should consult your Doctor or Health Consultant before beginning any exercise regime, you may need to modify the following suggestions to meet your own individual needs, particularly if you experience any pain, discomfort or disability.
Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.

Everyone's results will vary, yours may be different to mine and we do not guarantee you the same results as ours.