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Life Enlightened

Empowering you to Heal Holistically.
To Love your Whole Self
And Create a Life that you love with Purpose, Passion and Peace.

Hi I’m Gemma a Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Certified Channeller and Holistic Therapist here to help spiritually open people on their magical journey of life who are feeling stressed out, in pain, overwhelmed, confused and stuck. 

I help you to release old energy keeping you stuck, balance your energy centres, bring in fresh energy and channel guidance from your higher self and spiritual team to help you move forward with clarity feeling calm and confident, relaxed and rejuvenated, present and powerful so that you can show up as the divine being that you are in your life and your business.

There are a number of ways that we can work together

Empowering you to Heal Holistically, To love your whole self and to create the life that you love with purpose, passion and peace.

Through 1:1 Spiritual Healing Sessions and Holistic Education.

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Let's Work Together

There are a number of ways that we can work together.

1:1 Sacred Soul Alignment Session

These sessions have been divinely created to help Spiritually open people who are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, confused, lost or stuck to realign with their soul through Energy Healing and Guidance from Spirit.

Sessions are done remotely via zoom where we will first set an intention with spirit on what you would like help with during the session.

All you need to do is relax and receive whilst I connect to your Higher Self and Spirit team and channel guidance and healing for your highest will and good.

Sessions are bespoke and specific to your needs, typically we will:

* Release old energy that has been keeping you stuck enabling you to feel calm and clear.

* Channel guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Team to give you clarity on how to move forwards.

* Realign your energy pathways and balance your energy centres so that you can feel aligned and in flow.

*Channel fresh energy to help you move forwards with Confidence 

* Activate energy through Light Language Activations helping you align with your soul.

At the end of the session you will feel clear, calm & confident with the clarity that you require to continue on your magical life’s journey with more energy, less stress, purpose, peace and passion.

1:1 Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing Sessions are for you if you are experiencing pain, stress, overwhelm or fatigue are open to energy healing and want to feel better.

During a Distance Healing Session you simply relax wherever is comfortable for you (you don't even have to get out of bed) Whilst I connect to you energetically and work remotely in your energy field channelling healing from spirit.

I work with an incredible team of healers in spirit who want nothing more than to see you well!

These sessions are completely bespoke and tailored specifically to you, you will receive the precise healing that you need for your highest will and good..

During a Typical session we will:

* Release old energy that is causing you to experience pain and the symptoms of stress.

* Realign your energy pathways and balance your energy centres so that the energy can flow freely leaving you feeling harmonised, aligned and in flow.

* Clear your auric field of any stagnant energy holding you back in your life

* Bring in fresh energy to help you feel stronger, more powerful and to move forwards with confidence towards your goals

*At the end of the session I will send a voice recording with channelled guidance for you.

After your Distance Energy Healing Session you will typically feel Less Pain, Less Stress, Relaxed & Rejuvenated, Calm & Confident, Present & Powerful with the Clarity that you need to continue in your life as the magical divine being that you are.

You will also receive 3 Days of voice message support after the session to discuss anything that has come up for you.

Working together can help you in all areas of your life including:

De-Stress Me Package

I currently have spaces available for my 6 week intimate and bespoke experience "De-Stress Me" Where I will help take you from feeling Stressed out Overwhelmed, Tired and Frustrated to feeling Relaxed & Rejuvenated, Calm & Confident, Powerful & Present with the Clarity that you need to show up in your life and business sharing your magic as the divine magical precious Gem that you are!

To find out more about how I can help you to de-stress please click below.

Bespoke Packages.

If you would like to work together on a deeper level to explore your current challenges further I offer intimate and bespoke experiences combining Spiritual Mentorship, Holistic Education, Energy Healing and  Channelling to help you explore and heal the areas that are difficult to work on alone.

I will walk your path with you as your guide, mentor, and healer, empowering you with the Holistic Education, Techniques and tools that you need to help yourself along with Energy Healing and guidance from spirit to assist you on your magical journey of life.


Here’s what other beautiful souls have experienced from working with me.

"I received Answers, Healing and Guidance"

I received a channeled healing by Gemma Moody She was absolutely incredible.  I haven't ever received a channeled healing in the way that she provided.  
She has helped me massively in connecting with the Goddesses and with Divine Feminine energy.  
I received answers, healings and guidance.  I am still feeling the energy now and it's been 24 hours.  
On top of this, Gemma has the most amazing energy, she is kind and truly cares about helping you receive the most benefit from her session.  
She has inspired me to continue on with my own channeling journey.  Thank you Gemma!  I will be booking in more sessions with you, I trust you and love how you have helped me. Xxx

Ellie Garnham


"She helped release and usher in new energies to carry me forwards"

I can’t thank Gemma, who is a beautiful and wonderfully intuitive Soul Sister, enough for all her help and guidance when I hit a bit of a fork road on my spiritual journey. 

She helped release and usher in new energies to carry me forwards. Truly blessed and full of gratitude. 

I called on her wise gifts and knew she was what was needed. I highly recommend you let her guide you with her love and kindness to whatever your soul is seeking. 

Thank you Gemma! .xx

Sally Plank


"She helped heal my migraines almost instantly"

Gemma is an amazing healer, she helped heal my migraines almost instantly and has provided insight that is spot on. 

She is kind, caring and so easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some healing and guidance in your life. 

She is thorough and follows up regularly to make sure that I am well and address anything that has come up.

Cheryl Guarniero


"I Feel Like Me Again"

Gemma is a powerful and very gifted healer. I have been working with her for a little while and she is always spot on with what she picks up on and then heals. She has the gifts of a modern day Shaman.

I experience pain from a chronic autoimmune condition that I treat and heal holistically and with mindset. After a session with Gemma my pain goes down from a 7-8 to a 2-3 which is huge! When my energy is sluggish and I’m in pain I just don’t feel my magic as well and that’s just not acceptable for someone in a high level of service for others. 

After my sessions, my heart is so expanded and my mindset is sharply focussed and very intentional, I feel like me again. I really highly recommend Gemma’s healing and Coaching Services.

Leslie Keegan


"Really Powerful"

My first session with Gemma was really powerful.

She put me at ease with her warm and friendly approach and started the session with reiki which allowed me to relax and receive the information she channelled.

I asked for more clarity and guidance on how to use my soul gifts in highest service and actions to embody my highest purpose.

The guidance I received was affirming and supportive and allowed me to take action more confidently.

I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for guidance with an aspect of their lives they're struggling with.

Fiona Allison



"I feel so much happier and relaxed"

I’ve just had amazing guidance and healing from Gemma! I feel so much happier and relaxed after only one session. 

Will definitely have another session next month! Thank you Gemma!xxx

Carly Vayro


"I could think and feel clearly"

"Thank you for such a lovely nurturing and connected reiki healing session!

I felt super chilled and clear, it was like blowing away the cobwebs so I could think and feel clearly!

The advice you gave was really fab too, I just know I can call on you for guidance anytime! *recommends*"

Pauline Carney





If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via emil HERE or at any of my Social media Platforms


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Find the calm within the chaos

We can't always control what is going on outside of us but we can go within and find our calm place inside.

Here is a simple exercise that can help you find your calm within the chaos.

Take a deep breath

breathe in calm and stillness

feel that peace circulate throughout your entire being

and blow out any tension and negativity

blow it all away...

Feel Peace, feel, calm, feel love, feel stillness

You are love, you are light 

You are Whole

Have a beautiful day





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