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Our children are why we get out of bed each morning and late on a night

The time you have with your loved ones is so precious and special. We want to enjoy every moment we have with our amazing children as we watch them grow and at the same time give them the best start for the future. Our investment in them in having a great life, full of love, adventures and learning.

Investing in us is an investment in them, if we have more energy then we can have more fun with them if we are active they too will be active. If we eat good healthy foods then they too will eat the same. If we are positive they will be as well.

They are our projection of life, moving forward in time, we will help shape them into who they want to be not what we want them to be. With a solid foundation in life through growing up to love, have fun, seek out the why, go on adventures whilst being healthy and happy.

We are like crash test dummies of parenting.

Always looking out and trying ways to do things, expand time, getting more energy, new recipes, travelling to different places.

You know this already but the internet is full of useful and not so useful information, but what is good and bad. It is only when you try something do you know if it works or not. We like to give it a go as long as it will help us with our aim, to have a great time with our kids.

We read lots of research and stories and then set out on an adventure to giving it a go, some things work and some things don't. We want to have a great time with our kids but we also want you to have a great time too with your kids. And why should all of us need to go over and over the same ground? Reading the same articles, if you have time, devising a plan, if you have the energy, reading some more rinse and repeat.

We don't want to do this journey on our own, so we want to share what we know with you!

Lets us all just short cut to Fuuuunnnnn as Benjamin says it. The way we do this is by writing blog posts, like 15 Survival Tips for Doing Life with Two Under Two, posting on Facebook, creating free downloads like this Have Your Cake and Eat It, healthy and yummy cakes, and more to come like Rocket Fuel for Mums 9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy.

I bet your busy time to get back here can be tricky, you don't need to miss out we can keep you up to date by sending you a quick email when we have something to share, no spam because we don’t have time for junk!

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