“Live your life be free open up your mind and you will see” Belinda Carlisle

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?

On a bit of an 80's revival I listened to this song by Belinda Carlisle it's title has stuck in my mind, not in an annoying way as it is so right!

“You have one life to live so why don't you live your life be free”

Is it possible to live your life and be free, what does it mean?

You might think this means you are free to wander around, a bit of a nomad no ties commitments, job or mortgage.

But you can also be free within the constraints of your life.


1. Keep things simple

We must keep life simple, the simple things are free as Jim Brickman puts it, the sun the moon, the fresh air on your face, the glance from a loved one, the warm feeling when that person takes hold of your hand.

Don't try to do a million things' multi tasking is a myth, it is not efficient or effective do something well.

Food is an example simple good quality ingredients make tasty good for you food.


2. Only worry about the things within your control

There are lots of things in life which are out of our control, do not waste your energy or time worrying about it.

Be mindful of it but do not let it take over your life. The financial crisis, something going on in another country, have an interest but do not let it control your life.

Focus on things you control, your free time, your energy, your relationships, what you do.


3. You are in control of you do, do not let other people into your head

You are the boss of you, please do not let people into your head and change who you are. This is directly or indirectly, such as a partner being negative towards you, this is a sign. Similarly with people who gossip behind people's backs. None of them are worth it, you are in control.


4. Take small steps everyday they will lead to amazing things

Life is amazing and you do not need to change or do everything in one weekend. Take one step at a time towards what you want, each step will add up and up. So if you want to change your diet start with one meal at a time, you can do this with breakfast like I did.

Or exercise one short session at a time, reading one page at a time.

If you were to take a step everyday towards where you want to be, one step being one percent at the end of the years that is 365% from where you started. That is massive.


5. Never be afraid to ask for help

It is not a sign of weakness, head down in the sand is not the place to be. Reach out and ask because as we mention in point 3 no one controls your mind but you. You are interested in developing you because standing still is really going backwards. You are moving forwards one step at a time, sometimes you don't know where to step.

Take action, we would love to help you let us know in the comments how we can.

Take care,



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