About ten years ago I attempted the three peaks challenge, I completed Ben Nevis and then moved on to Scarfel Pike. Part way up I was in agony and could not continue.

I am a typical man – no doctors for me.

Oh, it must have been an injury, too much working at a desk plus numerous other excuses which I gave for several years, as slowly I was losing the use of my legs and feet.

I wasted so much time and risked my life.

Looking back I was an idiot and wasted a number of years of my life as when I did seek medial advice a bombshell was dropped on me, a day I can still vividly remember. “You have a massive extensive tumour without treatment you will be paraplegic within 18 months and more than likely even after surgery you will be paraplegic.”

My head was between my legs by now.

After a short period of tears and worry I decided I can fight this and that is what I did. A good surgeon kept me walking, some luck helped me still keep most of the feeling in my lower limbs.

The fight back started.

About two years later Gemma took me to Scarfel Pike, we had done some short walks but nothing this long.

I was nervous, would my legs hold out? to the point of taking out some food to reduce the weight.

How heavy could a loaf of soreen be? Too heavy I thought!!

We took the same path I had tried previously, I still remembered some of the land marks, especially the point I had to limp back from. I stopped regularly to rest, the excuse I use is you must stop turn around and take in the view. Try it!

I love a climb when the grass turns into snow and this November day delivered this for me. Slowly we continued up as the temperature dropped and the snow got deeper.

Together we reached the top.

What an amazing feeling it was to reach the top and show two fingers to the dreaded cancer. I control my body, it doesn't.

I walked down with a big smile on my face. 😀

What five things did I take away from this?

  1. Time is the only commodity that you can never get back, so do not waste it!
  2. Your body is not invisible, seek medical advice!
  3. Life is for living, smile and enjoy everyday!
  4. When I'm with Gemma I can do anything!
  5. Soreen is not that heavy!

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