Loving la lyme! An accidental discovery of Lyme Regis!

We found Lyme Regis by accident, but it turned out to be one of the best accidents we have ever had! We fell in love with it immediately, it's striking coastline, weather beaten cliff edge, raw exposed Jurassic rock, fascinating fossil beach, quirky little streets, lovely hillside park, fossil shops, museums, pier exposed to the elements of the sea and not forgetting the dinosaur dung museum!

But lets not get ahead of ourselves…. Back to our accidental discovery!

We were en route to Cornwall for 10 days of coastline, cream teas and cornish ice cream, we had spent a couple of nights in Hythe with Glen's uncle and broken down at least 6 times en route but we were determined to get there!

We made it to Hythe after conking out every time we had to stop the van, but hoped that we would just need to bleed the clutch to fix it, so we had kind of forgotten about it for few days and planned to pop to Halfords on our way to pick up the tools we needed.

We made it to the nearest Halfords and with the help of google and youtube tried to fix our beloved campy, it didn't work, tired, worried and disappointed at the prospect of having to return home instead of holidaying we decided to stop somewhere for the night to see if we could get it fixed the next day, the closest town was Lyme Regis so knowing nothing about it we went there.

We pulled up in the carpark overlooking the sea, which is free to park on overnight, managed to get signal on our phones and found some numbers for a few local mechanics to call in the morning, we were tired but thought as we're here we may as well go for a walk, and what a treat! The walk along the beech is lovely even at night you can hear the calming sound of the sea crashing, the fresh smell of sea air, the tempting scent of vinegar from the chippies along the pier, just what we needed to blow the cobwebs away and give us a new lease of life!

Lyme Regis
The coast at Lyme Regis

We carried on our walk up a steep hill past lots of cute little gifty type shops, home made fudge shops, ice cream shops, fossil shops, tea rooms,…. This was our kind of place! There was an announcement board with fossil tours advertised, guided walks, and fossil museums, I was getting quite excited about the prospect of being stuck here for a few days whist campy was being fixed!

We even eyed up a couple of bands that looked very inviting! We then walked back down to the sea front through a lovely little hillside gardens and back to out home for the night, the car park.

The next morning we awoke to hear the sea and opened the doors to let the lovely sea air wake us up, we could hear the seaguls and it felt very lovely and homely, we managed to get booked in at a mechanics and off we tootled with a few stops and starts along the way to get campy looked at.

The outcome was not good, it would take a couple of days a and cost a small fortune, our warranty or insurance didn't cover wear and tear. We decided to try another garage in Axminster, left campy with the mechanic and went for a wonder around the town where came across the river cottage cafe! What a great surprise!

So we stopped for a bacon and a sausage sandwich which was deliciouse! you could tell it was good, quality pig! Oinky oink! Tummys full and smiles on our faces after our little surprise discovery we headed back to check on camph, they couldn't do the job but recommended a guy in a neighbouring village who could so off we popped down the lane and within an hour our beloved campy was fixed yipppppeeeeee!

River Cottage cafe
Brunch at River Cottage Cafe

I was a bit gutted that we weren't going to spend a few more days in Lyme Regis but we promised we would return as we trundled off towards Cornwall!

The moral of this story is the importance of finding the positives in a situation, even if life seems dull, frustrating and uneventful there is always something exciting just around the corner but you must open your eyes and explore to find it! Take the scenic routes, go off the beaten track and see where you end up, you really never know what lies around the corner unless you actually go around the corner!

Watch this space for loving la lyme part 2 as we return and discover everything it has to offer! Have you ever ended up anywhere by accident? Share your random adventures with us in the comments field below we'd love to hear about them!


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