Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day?


As a dad who works full time I know I wish I could.More Energy More Fun
You look up at the clock and the day has gone, you have just not got anything done.


Sorry but there is some bad news here, time is fixed. Yep, there are only 24 hours in a day. Well unless you can travel back in time like Michael J Fox.


I am sure Amazon will eventually stock one, I'd maybe give the eBay one a wide berth at the moment though.


Time with my family is so precious, I do not want to miss a moment with them but having a full-time job and other things that just need doing there just is not enough time in the day.


I just want more time so I can spend it with them, having cuddles, laughing, building sand castles on the beach. All of this is much more fun than going to work and cutting the grass.


There are ways though to stretch time so you can try and get the most out of your day.


And the best way to start is by having more energy.


Think back to a day when your energy was overflowing, you could take on the world. You might have been in the gym working out or ticking off job after job from your to-do list at work.


It did not happen by chance, but at the time you might not have realised it. Your energy put you in the zone or what some people call a flow state.


You get through tasks so much faster leaving more time for the fun things – let us do the maths


24 hours a day = fun things + boring grown up things

When the boring grown up things take less time we can add more into fun things, yippee.


You don't want to crash and burn when you get home from work, this is when the fun starts.


By having more energy you are flying faster than the speed of time, expanding your day for the fun things.


Focus on boosting your energy and you will have more time.


But how can you boost your energy?


When Benjamin was born he didn't sleep much so Gemma decided to find the best natural ways to boost your energy.


She discovered nine natural ways to boost your energy.


The two most effective for me have been by eating better energy foods, and energy drinks are definitely not one of them. But rather foods dense in energy, you see they burn as fuel for much longer giving you lots of energy instead of highs and lows.


When you are running around after your little ones or busy at work you often do not have time to eat, by eating energy dense foods I have lots of energy and get more done.


Food doesn't need to be boring, especially when you are feeding your little ones. We like our children to eat what we do, including treats. Like these healthy chocolate brownies.

Food is just one way we can boost our energy and have more time


Sleep less, yes you read that right. Sleep is about quality and not quantity. Sleep is a series of cycles throughout the night, deep and light sleep. Have you ever felt groggy when you have woken up? You were most likely in a deep sleep cycle when your alarm clock went off.


Lightest sleep is the best time to wake up, you are almost awake already and the best way to do this is to use an app like Sleep Cycle. I have been using this for two years now, it is great.


It has helped me move my wake up time to 5-530 and I can get by on little sleep. Mums don't need an app, that cry of mummy does the trick.


Getting more energy from my diet, and waking up in the lightest part of my sleep cycles has meant I can reduce the amount of time I need to sleep.


Allowing me to get to work early whilst everyone else is fast asleep and get home so we can all sit down together for tea, then bath and story time.


So having more energy can expand time by making tasks and life really so much easier and helping you sleep less.


Try focusing on boosting your energy levels for a week and see how you feel.
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