How to be more productive Eat for Energy

We have received several questions lately on how to be more productive. Here in part one, we will cover eating for energy.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Benjamin Franklin

To be productive we first need energy because without it the machine just does not run.

We all need energy without it, we feel slow and sluggish everything just takes so long to do. But when our energy levels are high life feels great, we breeze through tasks as if they are nothing, we are unstoppable.

Willpower requires energy too,

We use willpower to avoid naughty things like chocolate, cake or sweets. So when we are tired it is harder to avoid the naughty things, we quickly buckle, caving in, our willpower is broken we eat the cake, and the bar of chocolate oh did I mention ice cream too….

The brain is a big user of energy, thinking is not easy, trust me;  you can be mentally and physically tired, productivity is not just about how much you build or make it can also be about how much revision you do or how many essays you write, how creative you have been.

Be mindful of what you eat; avoid junk, processed foods or anything added that you cannot pronounce!

Our bodies get energy from the food you eat, it turns the food into energy, some foods can cause you problems, zapping your energy levels, you must avoid foods and toxins that zap your energy levels.

Have you ever eaten something and you just want to go lay down and have a sleep?

This is not what is supposed to happen; having a nap after eating is not normal. You guessed it you have just eaten something your body has reacted too, causing your energy levels to drop making you sleepy.

It might not be this extreme, instead, you might just feel your pulse go up or down, we are not talking about a slight change as this is normal while your body digests the food.

Other signs of energy drainers are bloating and gas, Either of these can mean a reaction and energy drainer.

We must listen to our bodies they will tell us what is going on. If any of these happen you need to consider what you just ate and start to eliminate the energy zapping foods. Start with sugar and heavily processed foods. Trust us you will thank us in the long run.

Eat Energy-Dense Foods

Not all foods are the same, some just burn straight away not giving off much energy at all, so-called energy drinks are like this, giving off short bursts of energy quickly fizzling out making you need more. A great marketing plan getting you to buy more!

Some foods burn much longer than sugar, and this is exactly what we want, a steady stream of fuel keeping us working, not slowing us down or even having an energy crash.

The right choice of food can make a big difference, such as this recipe we love Beefy Veggie Layered Thing it is really tasty and packed full of energy from fat, protein and good vegetables. Other types of good food are avocados, eggs, nuts (excluding peanuts) good quality meats and green vegetables.

Good clean meals like this have really helped us be more productive by lifting the brain fog.

Have you ever woken up with the feeling like a hangover or jet lag even when you haven’t drunk alcohol in weeks or been on a flight? This is brain fog. We call it a food hangover or sugar coma, it can be caused by the foods you are eating. When driving in fog you need to slow down, brain fog slows you down too.

Eating the right types of foods like the Beefy Veggie Layered Thing cutting out sugar and junk food can lift away the fog. You are ready to get going straight away with nothing holding you back.

Eating for energy has a bi-product though, something we must warn you about. It also makes you lose weight.

We discovered all of these when we were testing the Fat Burning Machine an eating system to have more energy, lose weight and feel great. It did all of this; I lost 28 lbs and never felt hungry. Find out more here

Action Steps

Take care

Wardy Moo


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