My Simple Beginners Smoothie

My Simple Beginners Smoothie

The simplest and easiest thing to drink when you’re thirsty is H2O!

Even better when it’s filtered water, but sometimes you just need something a bit more exciting, so here is precisely that!

This is my simple beginners smoothie, it's so yummy, packed full of goodness and will hydrate you, give you an energy boost, help you lose weight and make you feel fabulous!

Give it to your little people too, my babies love it!

I love to blend it all up in my nutribullet as it retains all of the nutrients from whatever you throw in it.

1 Banana

1 handful spinach

1 handful frozen berries

Sprinkling of goji berries

1 cup Preferred Milk (I use coconut milk)

Add all to your blender, whizzy whizzy whizz and enjoy!

Smoothie tips.

1. Put the liquid in first and give it all a good shake up before blending this helps to break up the frozen fruit

2. Start with just a bit of spinach and gradually build up, before you know it your body will be crazing more greens.

3. If you want a thick smoothie or to make a smoothie bowl (put smoothie in a bowl and lay fruit on top) frozen banana.

4. To freeze banana wait until they have black spots ( this means they are ripe and sweet) peel and cut into chunks and store in your freezer ready to be thrown into your blender.

5. To make healthy, tasty  ice cream blend frozen banana, frozen berries, about half a cup of coconut milk (or preferred milk) a teaspoon of maple syrup and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla paste. WARNING This is delicious and completely addictive!

6. Do a whizzy wiggle while your blenders on, my children find it really entertaining to see me shake myself about whilst singing whizzy whizzy whizzy at them, a bit of a wiggle will burn a few extra calories too.

Happy whizzing, let me know what you think!

Gem x

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