Is impulse a good thing said your inner voice?


We all have an inner voice, and it does not mean we have a problem it is just something that is there with us. But some voices are louder than others.


How often do you have a good idea but you talk yourself down and eventually out of it?


Or you do something and for days afterwards, your inner voice goes over and over it, pulling you to pieces.


It is so easy to let it take over and run, we can sit back and it will talk and talk. I know I have done it, especial after an interview for a job, ‘Oh I wish I said this, you shouldn’t have answered the question like that'.

Inner voice

Other times I have been at parties when everyone else is getting up to dance and I have talked myself out of it. When the worst that could have happened was nothing really.


There are times you want to put the breaks on, if not scammers would be off with all your money. They use your impulse so you won't check and just click the link and add your credit card number.


Hang on though don’t let this put you off, life is safe with a few bumps along the way.


These are some of our examples:


In January 2013 we decided we would buy a campervan, we would buy a cheap small camper van for the then two of us to see if we liked it or not.

Campervan views

The worse case scenario was we didn’t like it and had to sell the van, there are costs in having a van, paying for it for one, insurance, fuel etc.


These things could have easily put us off, but instead, we thought let's go for it. If we were to go away and stay in a B&B we would still have to drive there, pay for the fuel, room and food.


Having the campervan we always have the room with us, a bit like a snail, a place to sleep and eat.


It has also meant we can just escape whenever we want, we just jump in and off we go making travel much more accessible. We have some amazing trips seeing remote parts of the United Kingdom. In 2015 we went from one end of the UK to the other seeing Lands End and John A'groats within months of each other.

Treen Cornwall

Without taking the impulse to buy the campervan we would never have done this.


We used the van to go Ghyll walking in the Lake District in 2013, it sounded fun, walking down a river and jumping down waterfalls. So I decided to watch a video of it on YouTube the night before. Safe to say it made me a bit nervous.

Ghyll Walking

We had signed up to do it so we went along, heart in mouth. A guide showed us the way, going first.


Instead of just playing it safe I decided to just go for it, being the first to say yes I'll go first. I knew it was safe the guide had jumped first, it was not going to kill me. I just needed to realise it.


The result I had an amazing time, it was invigorating playing in nature's playground, sliding down waterfalls and jumping from the top of them into water pools. Have a look at the video we watched before we went.


Easter 2015 I decided with having a new baby, I wanted to be healthier and have more energy to have lots of adventures with him. At a similar time, I decided to cut down on my sleep so I could have more awake time, which means you need more energy too.

More energy

We already ate what appears a pretty healthy diet, vegetables, fish, fruit etc. However reading around looking at other options I came across something which just seemed against what we had always been taught, that fat is bad.


Instead, this way of eating advocated healthy fats over fruit. It sounded mad, to be honest, so I went for it and decided to give it a go. What was the worst that could happen I could try it for a few weeks, put some weight on and need to stop?


Or it could work, making me lose weight and feel great.


Two years on I am still following it, 40 lbs lighter which certainly makes it easier to run around now after now two small children. It also has given me lots more energy, meaning I can get more done. This is really handy when you get home from work and want to play with the children.


You can find out how I lost 40lbs without going hungry here


40lbs off

At the same time, I cut down on my sleep, slowly moving my wake up time toward 5 to 530am. The worst that could happen was I would be tired and need to get up a bit later. Moving the time back a little at a time made it easier than going for the big bang.


But what was even better was waking up in my lightest sleep cycle, the time when you should be waking up. If you are in a deep sleep when you wake up you will feel groggy, half asleep and often with a heavy head. Yes, you are still asleep, but when you wake up when you are almost awake you wake up refreshed and alert.


Using a cheap app called Sleep Cycle it monitors my sleep cycles whilst I am blissfully unaware and goes off at the right point to wake me up.

Sleep baby sleep

I have used this for over two years now one of the cheapest purchases I have ever made that has made such a difference. I think it cost about 59p, less than £1, I have gained over 400 extra hours for less than a £1. Wow!


All from just going for it, we have had:


Imagine what you could do by just going for it!


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