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The stories we share and content we produce on Wardy Moo are to help you have a great life with your family.

Our families are so precious, there is lots you can do. We have experimented in our own life so you don't have to.

We have been looking at the things you can do to get the best out of your life, investing in you is investing in your kids.

Making your kids smile makes your heart smile

The more energy you have the more fun you can have

Energy has to be our most valuable discovery from all the testing we have done so far. We all need energy to make our bodies and brain work.

Our kids have lots of energy and we do too. You feel like a superhero when you have lots of energy, life just feels so much easier.

Especially when you have so much going on.

To make sure we have lots of energy we looked at the best ways to boost your energy levels and energy drinks and sugar are not included.

The three areas to boost your energy are through movement, what you eat and how you sleep.

Gemma has done lots of research into this, and she has turned her Amazon published book into a course.

More Energy Course

See what Joanne had to say on Amazon

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What do the Wardy Moos do?

Our time together as a family is the most precious. At weekends we get out and about as much as we can, most weekends getting away in our 'New campy' travelling around the country having fun.

We love being outside in the fresh air, with a mix of walks for Mum and Dad and playgrounds for baby bears (kids). What ever it is or where ever it is we have an adventure.

Having an off road pushchair has been a great help in getting around, we use the Baby Jogger Summit X3. It is great for going off road on country paths, on the beach and even just around the town. It is easy to manoeuvre and has to be the easiest pushchair to fold.

We cannot get everywhere with a pushchair so chose to carry the bears, the connection you feel when you are carrying them is great. They are so close to you, Annabelle is within kissing distance in the Close Caboo sling. She gets so cosy she falls asleep with her head against your chest.

Benjamin is a bit too big for the Close Caboo, even though he has been in it, so he has his back pack a Little Life Carrier with rain and sun covers he is cosy and safe inside. We have carried him up mountains in the UK as well as taking it to New Zealand.

You need good footwear when you are out, comfy, sturdy and waterproof. We spent ages, and I mean ages trying on different boots, in different shops all over the place and in the end we both bought Solomon's they feel like you are wearing memory foam mattress on your feet and when you are doing lots of miles you need good footwear.

You Are What You Eat

Food and drink is on of the main ways we let things into our body. We often think of breathing toxins in, like smoke but the main way in is through our stomach.

So what we eat and drink play a big part on our life. Have you ever heard of the saying 'Gut Feeling' the receptors in our stomach are just the same as those in our brain.

Food affects our mood, hormones, skin, it is amazing really.

We try to eat clean, which is not scrubbed food we have made clean eating easy for you

One of the big moves we have made it to avoid processed food as much as we can. We don't all eat the same Gem loves to make smoothies for her and the kids.

Green smoothies are known as dinosaur juice and brown ones teddy bear juice. Having a Nutribullet makes it very easy to whiz whiz whiz them up. Try my simple beginners smoothie recipe.

You need to include water in your smoothies, as well as making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. We are very lucky we have good drinking water, but it still needs and extra filter to make sure it is good for bears.

A simple water filter that goes in the door of the fridge does, we use the Brita Water Filter Jug. You do notice the difference from this and normal tap water. Charcoal is an excellent filter we even have some charcoal powder.

We mix a little bit of activated charcoal powder with water and drink it is something we have eaten or drank has a reaction. Even when you are being careful something sneaks through. It is worth having some in the cupboard.

Just because we are eating clean does not mean boring, with a little bit of thought you can make yummy tasty treats, yes treats like cakes and puddings. We have a sweet tooth and life would be so boring without them. You might not have seen it but we have created some free healthy cake recipes called Have Your Cake and Eat it.

Cashew butter is a great staple to have in the cupboard when you are looking to make healthy puddings or just need something sweet. Try slicing an apple, add some cashew butter and a little piece of 85%+ dark chocolate. Yummy!

Don't buy cashew butter in the little jars from the supermarket, you can get a much better bargain buying in bigger sizes we go for a 1kg tub

Have a look at some of our other recipes as you check out our site or in our email updates.

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